Monday, September 17, 2012

Dog Passports

While sitting in my doctor's waiting room this morning, I overheard a tale of woe concerning the obstacles a rather wheezy old lady's daughter had had to overcome in order to take her beagle with her on holiday to Spain. 

As readers of this blog with very long memories might recall, I am afraid I am no dog-lover (my first rule for the care and maintenance of dogs is 'Shoot on sight', my second 'Shoot to kill'; dogs are unlike politicians in that even the ones you know are all bad; while a dog might be man's best friend, in my book a dog's best friend is a Korean chef), and it baffles me that so much time and energy and effort should go and have gone into enabling a very dumb and dangerous animal to travel to a location where all it will do is eat, defecate, make unpleasant noises, act in a threatening manner and pick up dangerous illnesses.

On the other hand that sounds not unlike how many human holidaymakers behave, so if we consider allowing the possibility of rabies being brought back into the country as a price worth paying in order to allow Fido his day in the sun we will have nobody to blame but ourselves should it actually happen.



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